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Huntertown Wastewater Treatment Plant

Planning For The Future

According to the 2010 Census, the Town of Huntertown was the second fastest growing community in the State of Indiana, and for good reason. Huntertown continues to offer a small-town environment in a great school district within a short driving distance to Fort Wayne. People want to live here and raise a family. In the proceeding 10-year period the additions of Carroll Creek, Talons Reach, Towne Square, Twin Eagles, Willow Run, Lakes of Willow Creek and Classic Heights, not to forget Carroll Middle School or Cedar Eel River Elementary School, more than doubled the size of the water and sewer utility. Today, just 7 years later and during a time of economic uncertainty, Huntertown Utilities still grew another 25%; and is showing no signs of slowing down.

To address this continued growth, the Town started plans to address their wastewater capacity issues in 2008. Faced with an expiring agreement with their wastewater treatment provider, little remaining capacity in the receiving sewer, and a need for improvements to restore capacities, the Town Council had to make the best long term decision for their rate payers before locking in to another 20-year contract. After careful consideration and long term planning, Huntertown chose to end their reliance on someone else to treat wastewater and move forward with a new treatment facility. Subsequently, an investment of 5M was made in 2014 to address peak flows and restore capacity to the sewer collection system, which laid the foundation to break ground on a new 15M wastewater treatment plant in the spring of 2016. When completed, this new expandable facility will provide treatment capacity to serve our current customers and meet the demand for new housing into the foreseeable future.

The treatment process selected relies on proven wastewater technologies in cold weather climates to discharge a treated effluent that meets one of the lowest effluent limitations for concentrations of ammonia in the State of Indiana, all while maintaining flexibility to meet future changes in regulations. Additionally, the project has qualified for Green Project Reserve financing through the State Revolving Fund, showcasing the efficiency of the equipment selected. Details behind the development and planning of the wastewater treatment plant can be found in the preliminary engineering report submitted to the SRF as part of the application process for financing which is available at Town Hall for review upon request.

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