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Town of Huntertown - Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Town Council
of Huntertown, Indiana
March 21, 2016 6:00 p.m.
Huntertown Town Hall

Pat Freck called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Dave Garman made a motion to approve March 7, 2016 meeting minutes, Mike Stamets seconded. Pat Freck-yes, Gary Grant-abstain, Mike Stamets-yes, Dave Garman-yes, and Brandon Seifert-yes. Motion carried.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to approve General Claims in the amount of $90,803.90, Gary Grant seconded. Motion carried.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to accept Resolution No. 16-008, Gary Grant seconded. Motion carried. This Resolution is Regarding Permitted Waivers of the Area Connection Fees.

Dave Garman made a motion to allow Clerk Treasurer to transfer money from Lake City Bank to Farmers and Merchants Bank.


Resolution No. 16-008 was presented to Council regarding permitted waivers of area connection fees.


Jamie Lancia and Ric Zehr spoke to the Council. They are concerned with paying Huntertown's area connection fee, plus the $2000 required by Fort Wayne. Lancia has roughly 53 lots, 26 sold. Zehr has 103 lots, around 25 sold. Each builder also has lots that are not sold, but already advertised. They would like to have the sold lots grandfathered in.
Dave Garman questioned whether we could grandfather them in but charge a capital surcharge.  Council will try to meet to see how they can proceed with this.

Brandon Seifert presented a letter from the Allen County Democrat Party stating that Andrew Conner is not a registered Democrat. Brandon would like Council to remove him from the Utility Service Board. David Hawk states Andrew Conner was certified by a prior democratic chairman, and is not in violation. Mr. Hawk will research this further.


Cathy Mittendorf
   Cathy asked for approval to move funds from Lake City Bank to Farmers and Merchants Bank. Jeff Gump has offered to match the rate of 0.40%. This will be putting money back into our hometown bank.

Don Papai
   1) Lab is now in the field office. This will be ideally located with all the projects going on. Don will spend time in the Town Hall and the field office.
   2) Don is working on getting a quote on replacing the bobcat. It would be an initial $17,000 up front and then every year after that it would be replaced with a new unit for $1,500.
   3) Gary Grant and Don have been speaking with Verizon Wireless on replacing town radio's with with cellular phones. The cost difference between the two is $31.57/month.


Dave Smith, 2729 Hunter Road
   1) He doesn't hate all builders.
   2) He feels like some of Huntertown is getting left out.
   3) Brandon Seifert, why do you still mess with Andrew Conner?
   4) The lots that are not sold should pay the area connection fee.

Sarah Garman, 1928 Millstream
   1) Where are we at with SRF loan at this point?
   2 Wanted to express her dislike of her utility bill being $213.

Gary Grant made a motion to adjourn, Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion carried.

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          Cathy Mittendorf, Clerk Treasurer         Patricia M. Freck, President