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Town of Huntertown - Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Town Council
of Huntertown, Indiana
November 21, 2016 6:00 p.m.
Huntertown Town Hall

A meeting of the Huntertown Town Council was held on Monday, June 21, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. Attendees: Gary Grant, Mike Aker, Brandon Seifert, and Clerk Treasurer Cathy Mittendorf. Also present: Attorney David Hawk, Utility Foreman Gabe Brindle, and Derek Frederickson from Engineering Resources. There were 14 guests and 1 reporter.

Gary Grant called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Brandon Seifert made a motion to accept November 7, 2016 meeting minutes, Mike Aker seconded. All in favor.

Mike Aker made a motion to accept November 21, 2016 general claims in the amount of $74,081.30, Brandon Seifert seconded. All in favor.

Mike Aker made a motion to introduce Ordinance No. 16-015, Brandon Seifert seconded. All in favor. Consideration and adoption were than tabled at this time.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to increase the 2017 salary ordinance by 4%, Mike Aker seconded. All in favor.

Mike Aker made a motion to approve Section 8, Towne Square, Brandon Seifert seconded. All in favor.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to approve Timber Ridge, Section 4, Mike Aker seconded. All in favor.

Mike Aker made a motion NOT to accept Advanced Disposal bid, Brandon Seifert seconded. All in favor.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to award Republic Services the 2017 trash and recycling bid, Mike Aker seconded. All in favor.


Brandon Seifert expressed concern over the Superintendent excessive spending. He feels every week Don comes to the Council asking for something. All he wants to do is spend, spend, and spend.  Gary Grant replied that he understood where he is coming from, but he went a little too far.  Mike Aker told Brandon that everyone shares different opinions. But, if this is how you feel, I hope you share this with the Superintendent.


Paul Blisk, Department of Planning Services
   Ordinance No. 16-015 was introduced. This is an ordinance to update and align the Huntertown Zoning Ordinance with the Allen County and Fort Wayne Zoning Ordinance which would amend Chapter 152 (Planning and Development); repeal Chapter 153(Subdivision Control); and, repeal and replace Chapter 154 (Zoning Code). A copy of which are available for inspection and copying at the Town Hall.  If adopted, it will take effect January 1, 2017.

Louie Zimmer, USB
   Louis Zimmer presented council with a proposal of a salary increase of 4%. A.J. Arnet, utility worker, was promoted to a level 3.

Derek Frederickson
   Derek presented secondary plat of Towne Square Section 8 and secondary plat Section 4 Timber Ridge.


Two bids for trash collection were opened November 7, 2016 and turned over to Attorney David Hawk to review.
   Advanced Disposal contained an obvious error as to the monthly charges, and is deficient in failing to provide a description of the recycling services and revenue sharing. The bid was rejected.

Republic Services was awarded the 2017 contract.


Brandon Seifert discussed with the council the thoughts of possibly hiring a grant administrator who work exclusively on finding grants for the Town. Also, thoughts on hiring an attorney and engineer who would receive a salary, instead of paying them a contract.

Cathy Mittendorf presented council with a quote for a new radio read computer used by utility worker Tim Schobert. This quote is from Fort Wayne I.T. Solutions. Two more quotes are needed before presented to the Utility Service Board.

Gabe Brindle
   1. Leaf pickup will be a little extended this year.
   2. The Gump Road project is winding down.
   3. The reconstruction of the Rodenbeck tile is moving along with finishing touches finished within the next 2 months.
   4. A quote for a new bobcat was presented to Council at an upfront cost of around $34,000. A new bobcat unit would be available at $2500 every year.

Derek Frederickson
   NIRCC has requested an answer from the Town for the call of new projects yet this year.


Chris Preston, Advanced Disposal
   Thank you for the opportunity to place a bid with the Town

Dave Smith, 2729 Hunter Road
   Hoping next spring Town can get with Towne Square’s homeowners association to keep the grass mowed along Hunter Road.

Mike Aker made a motion to adjourn, Brandon Seifert seconded. All in favor.

Attest:_____________________________   __________________________________
          Cathy Mittendorf, Clerk Treasurer         Patricia M. Freck, President