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Town of Huntertown - Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Town Council
of Huntertown, Indiana
December 18, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Huntertown Town Hall

A meeting of the Huntertown Town Council was held on Monday, December 18, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. In attendance were council members, Gary Grant, Brandon Seifert and Mike Stamets. Also present were: Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab; Interim Superintendent of Utilities Gabe Brindle; Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert; Derek Frederickson of Engineering Resources Inc.; and Dave Hawk of Hawk Haynie Kammeyer & Smith. Also in attendance were six (6) guests and one (1) reporter. Absent were Council President Mike Aker and council member Patricia Freck.

Mike Stamets called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Gary Grant made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 4, 2017 meeting. Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion passed, 3-0.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to approve the general claims, dated December 18, 2017. Gary Grant seconded. Motion passed, 3-0.

Brandon Seifert made a motion to introduce Huntertown Ordinance 17-008, an Ordinance and Resolution providing for the payment of salaries of elected officials and other employees of the Town of Huntertown for fiscal year 2018. Gary Grant seconded. 3-0. Town Attorney Dave Hawk noted that since only three of the five council members were present, the ordinance could not be adopted on its first reading and that a special meeting would need to take place before the end of the calendar year to approve the ordinance. After no further discussion, the motion passed, 3-0.

Gary Grant made a motion to appoint Brad Hite to the Huntertown Utility Service Board for a three-year term. Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion passed, 3-0.


No other new business outside of what was detailed under council actions.


Mike Stamets reintroduced the Town Manager discussion. Brandon Seifert reported that an updated draft was distributed and that council members were submitting questions to Town Attorney Dave Hawk. After no further discussion, no action was taken.


Gary Grant reported that in addition to the manhole covers on the recently completed Gump Road project being too low, residents have sent complaints about manhole covers on the adjacent walking path along Gump Road. Town Engineer Derek Frederickson said that a call into the Allen County Highway Department has been made about the covers on Gump Road and they would look into the issue on the walking path.


Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert had no report.
  Gary Grant reminded residents to remove delivered packages from their front porches as quickly as possible during the holiday season as a recent string of thefts has occurred in the county. Reichert added that no such thefts had yet been reported in the Huntertown area.

Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab reported that he would be submitting the 2017 ordinances and resolutions to American Legal Publishing before the end of the year in order to get the Town"s Code of Ordinances updated.

Interim Superintendent of Utilities Gabe Brindle had no report.
  Gary Grant asked Brindle to get a trade-in value amount on the town's 2015 Chevrolet Equinox. Brindle said he would consult a dealer as well as the Kelley Blue Book for an amount.

Derek Frederickson of Engineering Resources Inc. provided the council with a copy of an on-call services agreement between the town and Engineering Resources Inc. Frederickson noted that the agreement is nearly identical to the agreement signed for 2017, but that the amounts for billable rates increased by two percent. Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab noted that the agreement was labeled for the town of Leo-Cedarville and not Huntertown. Frederickson apologized for the error and said he would bring a correct agreement to the special meeting the council will hold to approve Huntertown ordinance 17-008 later this month.

In addition to items approved under Council Actions, Dave Hawk of Hawk Haynie Kammeyer & Smith reported the following:
  * The U.S. Census Bureau is working on an Executive Order to finalize the Town's Geographically Updated Population Certification Program (GUPCP) request. The GUPCP updated the town's population counts on Nov. 15, 2017. Hawk said the Executive Order must be issued by December 31, 2017 and those he has contacted with the Census Bureau have acknowledged the order will be ready on time.
  * He is working various Allen County entities on an interlocal agreement for various services and will provide the council with more information at a future meeting.


Harriet Lim, a resident at 15019 Hunters Lane, provided council members with a handout detailing congestion related to on-street parking on Hunters Lane. She detailed some background on the issue, provided council with a list of concerns including: backing out of her driveway, emergency responses, snow removal, school bus movement, mail delivery, trash pick-up, visitors to her home and mowing. Her handout also included a list of recommendations to correct the issue. Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert noted that he is aware of the issue and the residents in question "is playing the game really well" and doing nothing illegal with parking their vehicles. Gary Grant asked if the council could approve an ordinance specific to problem areas in town instead of providing a blanket ordinance that covers the entire town. Town Attorney Dave Hawk said he would look into the matter.

After no further public comment, Gary Grant made a motion to adjourn. Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion passed with a voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.

The next meeting of the Huntertown Town Council is Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 6 p.m..

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           Mike Aker,                                           Ryan Schwab,
           President                                             Clerk Treasurer