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Town of Huntertown - Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the Town Council
of Huntertown, Indiana
June 18, 2018 6:00 p.m.
Huntertown Town Hall

A meeting of the Huntertown Town Council was held on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. In attendance were council president Mike Stamets and council members Mike Aker, Gary Grant and Brandon Seifert. Also present were: Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab; Town Manager Beth Shellman; Derek Frederickson of Engineering Resources Inc.; and Dave Hawk of Hawk Haynie Kammeyer & Smith. Also in attendance were thirteen (13) guests and two (2) reporters. Absent were Councilmen Patricia Freck and Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert.

Mike Stamets called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mike Stamets suspended the meeting at 6:01 p.m. and opened the Public Hearing for the Quarry Annexation. No Public Comment was brought forth and the Public Hearing was closed at 6:02 p.m.

The regular meeting reconvened at 6:02 p.m.


Mike Aker made a motion to approve the minutes from the June 4, 2018 meeting. Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion passed, 4-0.

Gary Grant made a motion to approve the general claims dated June 18, 2018, in the amount of $75,513.13. Brandon Seifert seconded. Motion passed, 4-0.

Gary Grant made a motion to approve Huntertown Resolution 18-004, Huntertown Town Council Resolution Approving 2018 Pay 2019 Real and Personal Property Compliance and Statement of Benefits (CF-1) Form. Mike Aker seconded. Rachel Black, Economic Development Specialist with Allen County Department of Planning Services, provided detail on the resolution, specifically the three companies (AITF Services, LLC/Adaptive Technologies, Inc.; O'Neal Excavating and Construction Inc.; and Precision Laser Services, Inc.) who were deemed compliant. Brandon Seifert asked about the potential for eliminating tax abatements for new machines and equipment. Black confirmed the County is not considering that at this time. After no further discussion, the motion passed, 4-0.

Mike Aker made a motion to approve Huntertown Resolution 18-005, Resolution Regarding Extensions of Water and Sewer Service (Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation). Brandon Seifert seconded. Derek Frederickson provided details on the resolution, which was presented to the council at its June 4, 2018 meeting. Mike Aker asked the owners what their next step was and company Vice-President Michael Dobbs said they were meeting with the Board of Zoning Appeals on June 20, 2018. After no further discussion, the motion passed 4-0.


Outside of items approved under Council Action, no new business was brought forth


Outside of items approved under Council Action, no old business was brought forth.


Gary Grant addressed a parking issue at the Huntertown Post Office involving an employee who is using one of the six public parking spots to park his vehicle all day long. Grant said Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert is looking into the issue and the town may consider using one of the available parking spots as an employee only spot, noting that the increase in USPS vehicles is limiting the number of parking spaces for employees. Resident Betty Lavachek said the increase in population is creating greater traffic volume at the Post Office and that the parking issue needs addressed. She also told the council to enforce the parking ordinance related to that property so that the public had spaces to park. Grant said that he will talk to Reichert and get the issue resolved. After no further discussion, no action was taken.

Mike Aker reported that Allen County is opening a facility on Carroll Road for residents to properly dispose of toxic materials. Beth Shellman added that an Open House for the facility is scheduled for June 28, 2018 from 9-1 p.m. and that she would be attending. Aker said he would bring more information back to the public at a future meeting. After no further discussion, no action was taken.

Huntertown Resource Officer Brandon Reichert was absent.

Clerk-Treasurer Ryan Schwab had no report.

Town Manager Beth Shellman handed the council a detailed report and highlighted the following items:

   - Gump Road Work is ongoing. Mowing right-of-way issues are being addressed and several complaints have been received related to drainage issue at 213, 219 and 233 E. Gump Road. She will be contacting the County Highway Department and request they added all town concerns to their walk-thru punch list and the Town be present when they do the final walk-thru with project contractors.
   - The Brownstone annexation is ongoing, however the inspection of the generator at the project site has not been done and water/sewer connections cannot be approved until that inspection is complete per an agreement with the developer and the town.
   - She is working with the Department of Planning Services to look over code enforcement for the town. A complaint was received about duckling in the Carroll Road area. The town has an ordinance that prohibits harboring farm animals, unless exempted buy the County's Zoning Ordinance. She will continue this discussion with officer Reichert.
   - The towns CCR report is finished and approved by IDEM for mailing and publication and will go out in the next utility bill and also is to be published in the local newspapers.
   - She requested approval of the low bid of $600.00 from Outdoor Detail to repair the irrigation system at Town Hall. Council members gave approval but did not take a formal vote.

Mike Stamets asked about an item in her report related to grinding high spots in four area roads (Hathaway Road, Apollo Drive, Mercury Lane and Gemini Drive). Stamets asked if other roads were being considered. Shellman said that the equipment was being rented from July 9-27 and the four roads listed were identified by employee Randy Bailey as needing the most attention.

Town Engineer Derek Frederickson reported the following:

- While a Community Crossings Grant application for Bethel and Hathaway Roads is being planned, the town is bidding work for Hathaway Road in July as previously discussed. Frederickson said the scope of the road repair is different than what was previously discussed and approved by the council and that the repair work would better accommodate a future road project if development occurs in the future.

Dave Hawk with Hawk Haynie Kammeyer and Smith had the following report:

   - With vacation season looming, he expressed the importance for Council members to attend the July 2, 2018 meeting to expedite the passing of the Quarry Annexation. He noted that meeting would meet the 14-day requirement between the public hearing and the adoption and that the annexation would be in place 30 days after approval.


None were brought forth

Mike Aker made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Brandon Seifert second. Motion passed with a voice vote and the meeting adjourned at 6:32 p.m.

The next meeting of the Huntertown Town Council is Monday, July 2, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Attest:_____________________________   __________________________________
           Mike Stamets,                                      Ryan Schwab,
           President                                             Clerk Treasurer